NOTE: this page has a refference to GREEK/NORSE/PERSIAN/EGYPTIAN mythology


Wario gets a new Wario Ware crew, featuring: 9-Volt, Taco, Sauce, and Billy.

The gang plans to make a MOVIE! So, to celebrate the movie's premiere, he throws a MICROGAME PARADE!



Anything featuring Wario, Mythological Charecters, Mario Charecters, Or Cars/Insects

Regular Microgames.Edit

  1. Side Swipe! - Play as Wario and doge the Bull Dogs!
  2. Bowser Revenge! - Play as Bowser, and destroy Toads in order to make it to Princess Peach!
  3. Drivi'n Dirty! - Play as a Truck and avoid the Boulders in the Road!
  4. Honey, I'm Getting Chased By Bees! - Help Wario avoid the Bees, but make it to the Bee Hive!

Unlockable Microgames.Edit

  1. Diggin' 4 Gold! - Guide a finger to a nose, but make sure you dont get caught by the Nose Police!
  2. Anubis - Play as Anubis and make it through the maze with out being caught by The Sphinx!
  3. Spot The Serpent! - Play as Wario with a camera, and snap a photo of The Kraken, but find it first!
  4. The Japanese Life! - Play as a Ninja and avoid the Evil Blooper-Ninjas!


Anything featuring Mexican Food


  1. Adios! - Play as Nim-nom, and catch 3 or 4 flying nachos before time runs out!
  2. Thats What You Get For Waking Up In Mexico - Play as Wim-wom and run from the evil tacos with legs, the name is a twist on "Thats What You Get For Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry
  3. OH NO! - Play as BoBo and spit at the winged burrito, Burritasus
  4. Bowser's Taco - Play as Bowser and catch the taco's that are running away


  1. No Nacho's Land - Play as a hand, and get to the mouth before time runs out, It's name is a twist on "No Man's Land"


  • The microgame, Anubis, is based on the egyptian god, Anubis[[1]]
  • Burritasus's name is a twist on the name of Pegasus, the flying horse, and is practically a spoof of pegasus.