Waluigi and the Cyper World is a single player game for The Nintendo FS and is rated E. It is Waluigi first starring role in a main game series. It is set for Fall 2011.


Waluigi was doing research on his HD computer when Wario came to ask him to fix his broken TV. While Waluigi was down stairs fixing the TV, Wario went on the computer to search for free cake deilver. Until a popout ads for free cake show up on the computer screen (not caring that a virus might mess up the computer), Wario click on the the free cake offer and red ghost-like virus appear out of the screen and suck Wario into the computer. When Waluigi came back up upstairs to tell Wario that the TV is fix, he find a message on the computer screen saying that Wario was suck into the Cyper World by The Phantom Virus. Also a PS below states saying if one dare to enter to the Cyper World, they will never get out. But as much as danger sound, Waluigi decides to into go the Cyper World to save Wario.


waluigi in world 3-10


  • Waluigi (player)
  • Wario (damsel in distress)
  • The Phantom Virus (antagonist)