The new super mario wiki is a wiki made in 2010 and has pages.


The creator of the wiki(A.K.A. an awsome COOLICIOUS guy!) Discovered FreeWebs, and made freex of the Weex

But wanted to make a wiki, so he found wikia, and made this wiki. He was in the middle of making an UN-made page called "walouise" but accidently exited out of the website, and got angry. He then woke up the nexy day and found his site on google.

He was reliefed but was also upset walouise never got added to the site. Days later, An awsome user edited the Games page and then made Waluigi and the Cyper World. On another wiki "The Creator of this wiki" was banned for a week. The next week he was un-blocked by The hater that blocked e'm.


The wiki's creator was once again blocked by That one mean hater. He made a new identity to go on the wiki.It was ladybug68-2.

But he forgot THAT password, so he made Ladybug68-3, then forgot THAT password, so he never goes on that wiki ever again.


Now, the wiki's creator is Un-blocked on that one wiki, so he goes on now, and its all thanks to Fateggman.

Recruting new user's.Edit

Now, he's leaving messages on popular wikia user's talk pages to ask them to edit the wiki.