Slobber, one of the Heart Quadruplets

The Heart Quadruplets are Madame Heart's nephews

The Family Of The QuadrupletsEdit

Relative: Relative's Position:


Madame Heart Aunt 2
Martha Heart Mother 29
Miley Heart Grandmother 55
Mathew Heart Grandfather 55
Toothie Heart Uncle 9

Appearences in GamesEdit

Game Title: Where They Apear:

Appearence #:

Super Nim-nom Land Level 1, Level 2, and Level 18 1st appearence
Nim-nom Palace Level 1, Level 6, Level 10 2nd appearence

Appearences in T.V.Edit

T.V. Show Title: Episode(s) They Appear In:
Nim-nom Land, the T.V. Series. Game Over, Frenzy Finale
Evil Wario Bros. Evil Show! The Brothaz + 4,
The Wednesday Nite Show To Bee, Or Not To Bee, Meet The Quadruplets