This is the final installment in the Super Smash Bros series of games.

Default CharactersEdit

Name: Franchise: Description: Move Set:
Mario Mario Powerful kick attacks and a fantastic final smash makes Mario one of the stronger characters.

Up: Zig Zag Kick

Left: Mighty Plunger


Down: Transform (Dr. Mario)

Final Smash: Plumber Inferno

Dr. Mario Mario Since he's a clone of Mario, he has some of Marios moves, and when he uses transform he turns back to Mario.

Up: Dr. Mario Smash

Left: Mighty Plunger

Right: Destruction

Down: Transform (Mario)

Final Smash: Doctor Smash

Nim-Nom Nim-Nom Land Though one of the weaker characters, Nim-Nom has "Smile Launchers" wich shoot soundwaves that make laughing noises.

Up: Nim-Nom Leap

Left: Smile Launchers

Right: Fun Burst

Down: Soley Dash

Final Smash: Nim-Nom Land Explosion

Captain Olimar Pikmin Olimar throughs "PikPik Bombs" wich is his only move not involving Pikmin. The White Pikmin is fast, the Purple one is strong, Red is fire, Yellow is electric, and Blue is the only Pikmin that swims.

Up: PikPik Bombs

Left: White Pikmin Strike

Right: Pikmin Throw

Down: Pikmin Smash

Final Smash: Bulborb Army

Luigi Mario Luigi's flutter kick move causes not that much damage but he's still one of the medium characters, but he is more weaker then stronger.

Up: Flutter Kick

Left: L Kick

Right: Double L Kick

Down: Luigi Smash

Final Smash: Luigi's Mansion

Fox McCloud Star Fox Fox's Fox Phasor causes almost 99 % damage, wich would be almost as much as his final smash, making him a stronger character.

Up: Fox Striker

Left: Fox Phasor

Right: Star Fox

Down: Super Fox Striker

Final Smash: Fox Bash

Zelda Legend of Zelda When Zelda ues Transform the smoke from the transformation causes damage to the enemy, making her a stronger character.

Up:Triforce Blast

Left: TriSmash

Right: Double Triforce

Down: Transform (Shiek)

Final Smash: Tripple TriSmash

Shiek Legend of Zelda Like Dr. Mario, she has some moves of the person wich she is a clone of, her transformation also causes damage.

Up: TriSlash

Left: Mystique

Right: Double Triforce

Down: Transform (Zelda)

Final Smash: Tripple TriSmash

Bowser Mario Bowser is a stronger character because of his humungous size, fire breathing, and even summoning armies of Goombas.

Up: Upper Flamethrower

Left: Goomba Summon

Right: Brutal Inferno

Down: Transform (Giga Bowser)

Final Smash: Zig Zag Flamethrower

Giga Bowser

Super Smash Bros

He is another transformation. He is the strongest transformation due to him being a huge appoctalyptic villain, plus the fact he was a boss in Super Smash Bros Melee.

Up: Upper Flamethrower

Left: Goomba Appocalypse

Right: Brutal Inferno

Down: Transform (Bowser)

Final Smash: Armageddon

Galleo Kirby As a boss from the Kirby series he is strangely weaker against Kirby. Although something that makes him stronger against Kirby is his "Life Up" move, wich, obviously, increases his health.

Up: Life Up

Left: Sensational Charge

Right: Snapping Dash

Down: Trick Shot

Final Smash: This Isn't Over!

Kirby Kirby Kirby is a weaker character but he can inhale enemies, wich is his second strongest move (his first is his Final Smash.)

Up: Kirby Blast

Left: Dash

Right: Chef Kirby

Down: Black Hole

Final Smash: Kirby's Epic Finale

Pikachu Pokemon Pikachu is more weak then strong but his Omegachu Final Smash is a stronger Final Smash that causes more damage.

Up: PikaZap

Left: PikaExplosion

Right: Electric Tornado

Down: Transform (Raichu)

Final Smash: Omegachu

Raichu Pokemon He is the evolved form of Pikachu plus he is stronger then the original wich makes Transform one of Pikachu's greatest moves.

Up: RaiZap

Left: RaiExplosion

Right: Mighty Zap

Down: Transform (Pikachu)

Final Smash: Omegachu

Link Legend of Zelda Link has a copy of Zelda's TriSlash move and a Life Up move that belongs to Galleo but instead its called "Revive."

Up: TriSlash

Left: Revive

Right: Mega Triforce

Down: Triforce Explosion

Final Smash: Triforce Unlimited

Wario Wario Ware Wario is a stronger character, but his weak spot (humorly) is having an attack by a foe hit him in his groin. This mostly makes him weaker.

Up: Garlic Rain Reign

Left: Charge

Right: Wario Ware Force

Down: Transform (Wario Man)

Final Smash: Wario Ware Staff Unite!

Wario Man Wario Ware Wario Man is a stronger version of Wario, whose weak-spot is now his gut, which makes him barf up vommit when kicked there. He is a stronger character.

Up: Garlic Toss

Left: Garlic Kick

Right: Smash of Wario

Down: Transform (Wario)

Final Smash: Garlic, Garlic and More Garlic!

John "Soap" MacTavish Call of Duty MacTavish is one of the stronger characters. His weak spot is the forehead.

Up: Duty Calls

Left: Dash

Right: Dash

Down: Sniper

Final Smash: Gerenade Rapage

Maxwell Scribblenauts Maxwell, believe it or not, is one of the stronger characters, due to his magic notepad.

Up: Rain-Maker

Left: Dragonic Suprise

Right: Jack-In-The-Box

Down: Animalz, Animalz, Everywhere

Final Smash: Super Scribblenaut

Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid Snake is another strong character.

Up: Bombers

Left: Elbow Face

Right: Kick of Fury

Down: Bowling Bomb!

Final Smash: War Fury

Rabbid Raving Rabbids Rabbid is a weaker character.
Raymen Raving Rabbids Raymen is another weakk character.

NOTE: This is unfinished.