Mario, luigi

mario and luigi in a level

Mario's Bros: The Enchanted Dimension
is a 4 player game for The Nintendo FHH and is rated E10.


Two twins wizard named Shero and Zero, bring Mario, Luigi and Nim-Nom to their Dimension to help free their Grandfather Mero, who has been possessed by an evil demon witch Shibata, and is now ruling the realm as the tyrannical Black Sorceress. The Mario's Bros knew that their skills alone will not be enough to end the Black Knight's reign, so Shero and Zero give them three talking Wands, Whizz, Thizz and Hizz in order to break Shibata's curse and save the Enchanted Dimension.


Mario is the main playable character while Luigi and Nim-Nom are only unlocked after begin the story mode. non-playable characters include Shero, Zero, Mero, Whizz, Thizz and Hizz.

Mario Characters Roles Play
Mario Wizard of Fire
Luigi Wizard of Lighting
Nim-Nom Wizard of Water


  • Enchanted Forest
  • Mirage Temple