This game is the sequel to Nim-nom Land III, it is for 3DS, Nintendo 64, Wii, and also, the demo is downloadable for Playstation Network.


Nim-Nom finds out that he is in love with Soley, and feels joy, until he discovers Soleys 10 protective relatives want to duel him and keep Soley away from him because they disapprove of Nim-nom.


  1. Snowy Diamond City - Boss: Wilbur Unicorn
  2. Star Star Theatre - Boss: Ryan Unicorn The 3rd
  3. Rainbow Awards - Boss: Kelly Unicorn
  4. Comet Con - Boss: Johny "Fanboy" Unicorn
  5. Doom Dome Tropical Island - Boss: Nicky "Nunchucks" Unicorn
  6. Doughnut Plains - Boss: Homer "Collasal" Unicorn
  7. Koopa Koopa Plains - Boss: Timmothy "Tux" Unicorn
  8. Belly Museum - Boss: Soley's Father
  9. Fawful's Shop - Boss: Soley Unicorn The 1st/Sub-Boss: Fawful & Goombob
  10. Nim-nom Land - Boss: Soley's Ex-Botfriend (Hes not a relative!)
  11. Bonus Level - Boss: Betty "Shorty" Unicorn
  12. World A (secret) - Boss: Soley's Grandpa


  • Nim-Nom (Main Protagontist)
  • Soley
  • Negative Rex


  1. Goombas
  2. Penguins
  3. Snow Men
  4. Babeombs
  5. Toads
  6. Battle Poodles
  7. Freaks
  8. Big Berthas
  9. Spikes
  10. BoomBooms
  11. Mummies (World 5 only.)
  12. Inch-Worms
  13. Destructers
  14. Paragoombas
  15. Hate Mongers
  16. Ghouls (World 2 only.)
  17. Zommies.

Game ModesEdit

  • Survival of the Fittest Mode - No bosses, only trying to escape from monstrous enemies in each world.
  • Zombie Invasion Mode - Every boss and enemy is a zombie in this mode.
  • Twilight Mode - Nim-nom has the ability to turn vampire, all the bosses are evil vampires, and the enemies are werewolves.
  • Normal Mode - Just the regular game and no special additions to characters, and the game stays as written above the "Game Modes" section of the page.