This is a three part cartoon story that will preimere on Cartoon Network about Nim-Nom Comic Books, it tells the story of Nim-Nom and Samantha's love, promotion for Nim-nom Land, The T.V. Series's special internet sub-season. It aired the same day as they released the Nim-Nom Magik Series.

It Came In PartsEdit

There were different short parts of it shown between commercials during the series finale of DC's MAD cartoon series.


Pt. 1Edit

Nim-Nom is all beat up at Goomberry State Pak, and Samantha walks up to him asking if he's okay, he answers yes, and she asks what happened, Nim-Nom complains about why she only asks questions then he says "Okay, okay, I fought dat Bowser guy with my bigger brothers Mario and Luigi!" and Samantha smiles at him, Nim-Nom smiles back and then "Nim-Nom & The Infinite Animation" shows up on screen in Samantha's writing.

Pt. 2Edit

Nim-Nom sees a swarm of Paragoombas come, so he warns Samantha, and they duck as the Paragoombas fly there heads, and Nim-Nom says "Whooa! An awsome swarm!" and Samantha says that they should follow them, so they follow them to Westert and they gasp as they witness Bowser play a sport with different types of Goombas. Then "N'uff Said!" appears on the screen written in blue slime.

Pt. 3Edit

Bowser sees the two and says "HEEEEEEEY!" and the two kids gasp again. Bowser asks them to join the game, and Bowser says that they could be on Goombob's team right when Mario jumps out in a jersey saying "YAAAAAAAH, BOWSER!" and Bowser breathes a fire ball at Mario and Samantha and Nim-Nom run away screaming, and then it zooms out to show the planet wearing Nim-Nom's hat on it as the planet grows a face and says "Seeya on the web for Nim-Nom Lands internet sub-season!" and the screen fades out.