Mario's Universe Adventure is a single player game for The Nintendo FS and is rated E. It is set for Winter 2010.


After his last victory over Bowser, Mario gets a call from Toad saying that Princess Peach has been kidnapped in space by Dry Bowser. Toad lets Mario use a Launch Star and blasts him to space. Mario arrives on Dry Bowser's airspace base confronting the Dry Bones King. The two foes begin deliver blows at each other all over space's base. However Dry Bowser use a large skeleton hand-grabber that is programmed capture Mario. But Lucky, Mario uses the power of the 8 Grand Stars to turn into Super Rainbow Mario and break free from Dry Bowser's grasp. As S.R.Mario was about to destroy Dry Bowser, Dry Bowser quicky hops into his Dry Bone Car and flee with S.R.Mario in pursuit. As S.R.Mario's getting close to Dry Bowser, the dry bones king launches a large bone at Mario which he then dodges. S.R.Mario then uses a Star Blast to knock out Dry Bowser's Bone Car. Seting Dry Bowser crashing into a Large Black Airspace knocking him to the ground. Mario finally lands on Airspace and sees Princess Peach trapped inside a large glass. Mario attempts to rescue her by charging up a Star Blast, but from behind him, Dry Bowser uses his Dark Breath to paralys Mario and place him in the center of Airspace where he begins activating his laser to withdraw the Grand Stars energy out of Mario to cause him in extreme pain. After the laser is charged, Dry Bowser fires it at all the planets in the Solar System. The dark energy of the Grand Star is brought out by the ray, transforming Mario into a monstrous version of himself (Monsterario) and rendering the Grand Stars bronze and powerless. Dry Bowser then opens an airlock which sucks Mario and the drained Grand Stars out into space and down to Earth. Now Mario must travel through every planet of the solar system that will restore Grand Stars to save the Princess, the Universe and himself.


  • Mario/Monsterario (hero/player)
  • Princess Peach (damsel in distress)
  • Dry Bowser (antagonist)
  • Luigi (hero)
  • Yoshi (hero)
  • Toad (assistant)
  • Daisy (assistant)
  • Wario (anithero)
  • Waluigi (anithero)
  • Bowser (neutral)