Dark Kasasha (Pronounced Dark Ka Sasha) is the main antogonist of the Nim-Nom Magik Series, and also the main antaginist in the anime about the series Nim-Nom Magik.

In "The Great Insult"Edit

In the great insult, Dark Kasasha insults Nim-Nom on an online social network, Face Note Book, and Nimmy plans vengance, but Nim-Nom discovers Kasasha is a dark demon after the power of Tengu's Temple, so Nim-Nom ends up stuck trying to stop him, and Dark Kasasha is the boss in levels 1, 4, and 10. Level 10 is the final level.

In "Chef Nim-Nom"Edit

In this game, Dark Kasasha steals Nim-Nom's special cookie recipe and Nim-Nom must get it back, Kasasha is the boss in the final level, level 8. He has a special move for fire-breathing in this level.

In "Dark Kasasha's Return"Edit

In this game, Kasasha returns and can now shoot lasors from his eyes, breathe fire, and throw bombs. He appears as the boss for levels 5 and the final level, level 6.

In "Terror Triumphant"Edit

In this game, Kasasha returns and challanges Nim-Nom to a battle of the bands, Kasasha's band is called "Mercieless Fighters" and Nim-Nom's band is called "Dino Might". Dark Kasasha appears in the final level, level 17, and battles Nim-Nom in a Guitar Hero fashion.

In "Nim-Nom Magik XD"Edit

In this game, Dark Kasasha has taken over Nim-Nom Land do to his powers, and Nim-Nom, Waluigi, and Negative Rex try to win back Nim-Nom Land. Dark Kasasha must be battled in the final level, level 11.

In "Cross Bones"Edit

In this game Dark Kasasha rises from the dead and attacks. First, you battle regular Kasasha in level 3, then Super Kasasha in level 6, and then Giga Kasasha in the final level, level 11, exept, Giga Kasasha's lower half is formed of the previous 10 bosses, including the previous Kasashas, and Giga Kasasha appears to have yellow skin, and has flaming hands, wich blast bazooka missiles.

In The AnimeEdit

In the anime, he starts out as Super Kasasha, and then Giga Kasasha, and then becomes a sort of Super Giga Kasasha, increasing his strength. In the anime, Nim-Nom starts out sad because its Friday the 13th and he is supersticious then when he finally goes outside, Toad informs him Kasasha is attacking, and Nim-Nom jokes saying "No reports on Dark Kataylor?" and Nim-Nom battles Super Kasasha but loses, and then confronts him when he's Giga Kasasha and loses again, then finally wins against Kasasha in Super Giga Kasasha form.